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A blog with fiction stories of a girl name Amy who struggled her life to become a perfectionist. Her mind and soul lives in clouds of fantasy where her body and heart is place on a reality thing called world. Find out her story since her age of 9 where she blends these two element of fantasy and reality together to achieve and live in a perfect house, a perfect career, a perfect love, a perfect family and friends, and a perfect happiness. But all of us know there is no such thing as "perfect" in this world, isn't it? She'll tell you more.

Words From The Writer
Hi, my name is Amirah Amri and I'm the creator and writer of Ayrvoismra. Ayrvoismra is my pseudonym and Amy is just my nickname. While other girls like to shop, dress and get indulge into young relationships, I like to sit and write. Play with my imaginations and thoughts while looking at people's expressions as I pass by. My huge inspiration is Adriana Trigiani. Her book was the my first fiction book since I was 9. Since then, I love to write and I'm just learning to write stories, unprofessionally. And yes, I'm nowhere near perfect. At least I can do to spend my time off is by creating this story plot of my own. So enjoy.. :)

If you wish to contact me, please drop an email to ayrvoismra@gmail.com or amirahamri@gmail.com
Or visit my personal blog at www.ayrvoismra.wordpress.com

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